January 2, 2011

life's BEEn SuckEd ouT of mE..thIs RounTinES KillIng mE..I diD iT To mY SElF.I CAnnOt sAy THis WoUld NOt BE soMebOdy put me Out Of MisEry..ExprEsSion,StimulA
tioN,i LOSe AnD seRve mY sElF...I Did It To mY SelF aGain..nevEr EnoUgh!!do i deserVE What I gOT..nOW everyThinG's okAy..ThERe'S NOtHINg wRong WitH mE..THis SeeMS unnaTUral..to me I'd sAy iN everY WAy..to me I****up eVERYeday..liFE BeeN sUCKEd Out OF mE..i FEel as I rUnnINg BAcK To WhEre i StArTEd...THat WhAt WrONg With mE...????????

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